Eliquids Information

Eliquids Information


Do you know there are many reasons that people love vaping? Many people love it because it produces too much smoking than cigarettes. If you want to leave your smoking habit but love smoking, you may decide to leave smoking and start vaping.

The vape juice is very pleasant, and you can try different flavors of vape juice. Some people are confused about E-liquids and E-juice but don't be confused. Vape juice is sometimes called Eliquids or Ejuice.

If you want to learn everything about vape juice and Eliquids, you will know everything in this article. Below is the detailed guide, but before diving into the details guides here, you can check out all Eliquids.

What Is Vape Juice Or ELiquids

You may have start vaping but don't know what vape juice is? Besides this, there are many questions that what chemicals are included in vape juice and many other questions. Let's clarify all your confusion one by one.

Scientific Name:

The vape juice is also called ejuice or eliquids.

The vape juice is a fluid usually placed in the tank of the e-cigarette or vape, which creates the vapor. This is what you inhale and exhale in vaping process. When a heated liquid is used, its composition is modified.

You know it when the water is heated at a high temperature, it evaporates and changes liquid to steam. The vape juice works like that, but it changes the liquid to vapor.

Simple is that the cigarette product the smoke and Eliquids help to produce vapor.

Vape Juice Ingredients

The Eliquids are made of four basic ingredients, which are given below.

  • Nicotine 
  • Vegetable glycerine (VG) or Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Water
  • Flavoring

Now let's discuss these ingredients in detail to clarify everything they are and how they react.

You may have heard that Nicotine in vape juice is very dangerous, but it's just your imagination. Nicotine is a natural chiral alkaloid in the Solanaceae family (mainly tobacco and Rhododendron) and is widely used for recreational purposes as a stimulant and anxiolytic.

Besides this, ensure you know that Nicotine is very addictive. It works in the brain, stimulating the adrenal glands to release the hormone adrenaline (epinephrine) and raising the chemical messenger dopamine level.

Nicotine is very addictive because It causes the chemical dopamine to be released into the human brain. Like many drugs, dopamine warns or "teaches" the brain to repeat the same actions (such as smoking) repeatedly, called reinforcement.

When you vape so as I discussed above, vape juice has Nicotine to consume with vape. This is why your brain will release a chemical which is called dopamine.

As more you are consuming Nicotine, your brain will get it more, but when you decided to stop vaping so so your brain will not get regular hits, this is the reason that your brain may scream and force you to start vaping again.

If you want to leave vape juice habits, we recommend that you take Eliquids in the zero nicotine content, which helps you a lot.

Vegetable glycerine (VG) or Propylene glycol (PG)

There is a bit of confusion on these two when it comes to vaping juice, so let's clarify all your confusion.

What Is Propylene glycol (PG)

Propylene glycol (PG) is a sticky, colorless liquid with almost no taste but slightly sweet. Its chemical formula is CH3CH (OH) CH2OH. Including two groups of alcohol.

The toxicity of propylene glycol is very low. It has not been found to cause cancer, damage genes, or interfere with fertility or reproduction. Also, on the previous record, there is no death reported.

Propylene glycol is also very helpful for your skin. It keeps you hydrated and protects your skin from the barrier and other problems. Propylene glycol is also present in propylene glycol alginate.

Why We Used Propylene glycol (PG) In Vape Juice

There are different reasons that why we use PG in juice.

  • Propylene glycol is a thinner liquid, and it is very easy to handle when it comes to filling and refilling.
  • PG absorbs the heat quickly. When you turn on the vape switch, you can directly start vaping, and you will love its smoke within a few seconds.
  • The fluid of the PG has no odor, color and is less viscous than VG. It will not react to the flavor of your vape juice to change its taste and color.
  • PG juice is perfect for those who wish to succeed easily, clean, and have a tobacco-like feel.

What is Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

It is also called glycerine and glycerol, and the VG is a liquid made of palm, coconut, and soybean oils. It has a tasteless, mellow sweet taste and syrup-like richness. Vegetable glycerin is particularly popular in the cosmetics industry, but it has other uses as well.

Besides this, VG is considered safe for drinking, eating, and applying to the skin.

Why We Used Vegetable Glycerine (PG) In Vape Juice

Here is the reason tha why we use Vegetable Glycerine (VG) in the vape juice or Eliquids.

  • The liquids are thicker, so they can produce great clouds.
  • It provides a much smoother throat hit.
  • It also imparts a sweeter taste to your liquid.
  • VG eliquid is available in Menthol flavors and Tobacco.
  • It consists of good flavor and sweetness.

Which Is Better VG or PG Nicotine

VG produces a delicious steam cloud. VG also gives the liquid a sweet taste. Propylene glycol (PG) is a thinner, odorless liquid. PG produces more throat punches than VG. This better mimics the feeling of smoking.

You can check out the above comparison that which one is better and why we are using it in vape juice.


Most people used water in vape juice, but we recommend you don't use more water because it may burn your lips, throat, and tongue when you decided to dilute vape juice to the water, so it makes it too hot and cold.

The Nicotine does not mix with water properly, and sometimes water may damage and leak your device.


You may have heard that there are different flavors of vape juice, and they can separate into different categories. If you are confused about which flavor to select, then there are fruits, tobacco, desserts, drinks, candies, and mint. By finding the taste category that suits you best and you come in love with that flavor, we are confident that you will find new flavors that you like.

There are different kinds of flavors you can try your favorite one.

  • Candy crush e-juice
  • Blue Razz Lemonade Nicotine Salt.
  • Coffee e-juice
  • Peppermint e-juice
  • Lava Flow e-juice

Other Ingredients In Vape Juice

As we all know, the main ingredients of juice are nicotine, VG or PG (or a mixture of these), and food flavors. Depending on the seasoning used, some other ingredients will be listed in your favorite steamed juice package. In most cases, these are the scientific names of perfumes.

You may be surprised to find that other products also contain some steamed juice flavor. This is because we use a formula that has already been developed and has tested its quality and taste when producing the aroma of the evaporated juice.

The flavor mixture provides a unique combination of flavors, many steam like most during the vaporization process.

Vape Juice Flavors

Do you want to know more about flavor? Here are the details of the flavor that is the best vape juice flavor.

Fruit Flavors:

When it comes to the eliquids, there are many fruit flavors to enjoy, and most people loved the blueberry eliquid, but if you want a hint of sourness, you can go for cherry eliquid.

The taste of the fruit is a combination of aroma and taste sensations. The combination of sugar, acid, phenol, and hundreds of volatile compounds has a fruity taste.

If you want to enjoy the taste of the fruity flavor, then it's recommended to enjoy it in the summer. It's light and a great hit in the summer season.


The pudding flavors don't matter what the year is and how the weather can enjoy it in any weather! Enjoy the sweet smell of vanilla souffle e-liquid, or take a nostalgic journey with Apple Bake e-liquid.

As the market continues to have fresh aromas, you will surely find dessert aromas that will appeal to your taste buds.

Drinks Flavors:

Absinthe is very suitable for people like spicy and alcoholic beverages because it is closely related to the fennel aroma I mentioned earlier.

You can also enjoy the liquid absinthe of the e-cigarette without a hangover, enjoy the intoxicating aroma, and try it next time you relax with your friends.

It also has two flavors of cherry cola and lemonade, which are very suitable for summer, but you can use Brazilian coffee and liquid to heat the clams in winter.

How To Store Vape Juice

You might be looking for that how to store Eliquids to keep them safe. If you failed while storing Eliquids properly, you might be facing not good taste like the fresh one. Do you know once the vegetable glycerin and nicotine go bad, e-liquids may start to sour taste?

This is especially common in vape juices. Fortunately, proper storage methods can slow down the degradation process. Once you stored vape juice properly so you can enjoy the fresh vape without any problem.

If you want to preserve the flavor of your vape for a long time and keep it fresh, you need to prevent vape juice from three things because once vape juice comes in contact with these things, it may ruin the whole vape juice.


Heat is the first leading cause of liquid deterioration. Similar to ultraviolet light, but more harmful. The heated liquid starts to generate more "energy" in the liquid and breaks down these components into smaller components. This will quickly change the taste of the eliquids, so they should be avoided and will not be safe! Therefore, please keep the liquid away from heat as possible.


Due to ultraviolet light, the light starts to affect your body fluids. Like heating, ultraviolet light will heat the liquid and separate the components at the molecular level. This may sound intimidating, but the usual rule of thumb is to store the liquid in a dark place, especially if you plan to keep it for several months.


When exposed to air, oxygen reacts with nicotine to form cotinine. This is an oxidation process that begins to "break down" the nicotine in the juice. In most cases, this will not happen, but it is recommended to avoid it as much as possible.

Please make sure the liquid is airtight when you decided to store it.

Now you might be confused that these three things are not safe for storing vape juice, so the question arises of where to store the eliquids to keep it safe for several months. Continue reading.

Where To Store Eliquids

Dark storage cabinets are ideal for short-term storage (less than a few months). Ensure that the cabinet is cold, away from heat sources, and sealed with liquid.

Like other consumables that need to be stored for a long time, the refrigerator is also an excellent place to store liquids. The fridge can keep the liquid cold for a long time to prevent heat and other damages. The vape juice will be safe in the refrigerator for a long time.

The second problem with liquids in refrigerators is that PG and VG (the two main components of fluids discussed above at the beginning of the article) will cool/freeze at different temperatures. This separates the two liquids and has a significant impact on the evaporation process. Just as it is recommended to stir the VG/PG mixture after a long period of inactivity, it takes a while for the liquid to return to room temperature and mix again.

The second and most crucial issue of keeping liquids in the refrigerator is to make the liquids easily accessible to children. Therefore, only store the liquid in the fridge when it is safe enough or at a height out of the reach of children.

Can You Freeze Eliquids

When storing liquids, many people consider using refrigerators with the same logic as storing food. However, this does not always go according to plan. Like a traditional freezer, many materials may respond differently to extreme temperatures depending on the mixture of liquids.

PV and VG will not freeze at the exact location as water. Liquid vegetable glycerin is frozen at -38°C, and liquid propylene glycol is frozen at -59°C. Most personal freezers have a temperature of -18°C, so the two components will separate firmly but will not freeze. This can change the consistency and flavor profile.

Another example: when menthol and liquid can be cooled, menthol begins to crystallize. That is, the liquid needs to be heated again and evaporated again. After melting the crystals, the taste may not be as good as the original taste.

Will the liquid freeze? No, it is not in freeze in the refrigerator at home.

Related Questions

Is vape juice without nicotine safe?

E-liquids that do not contain nicotine are generally considered safe. However, Rahman said the effects of fragrance chemistry, especially on immune cells, have not been extensively studied in an email. This study shows that aromatic compounds are considered safe to ingest but not safe. Inhale.

Is it better to vape or smoke?

Inhalation of vapor is less harmful than smoking, but it is still unsafe. E-cigarettes heat nicotine (extracted from tobacco), flavors, and other chemicals to produce an inhalable aerosol. Common tobacco contains 7,000 chemical substances, many of which are toxic. There are many health benefits and harmful effects of vaping and smoking. Check out vaping health effects.

Is vaping considered smoking by law?

State-wide e-cigarette ban In June 2016, e-cigarettes were incorporated into California’s smoking cessation laws. In many public places, including workplaces, restaurants, and bars, electronic E-cigarettes are prohibited. However, smoking is allowed in most countries, and you can smoke a cigarette without any fear, but vaping is ban in some countries.

Final Thoughts

That was all about Eliquids, E-juice, vape juice which is the same thing. I hope you may now understand what vaping is. You can purchase Eliquids on our website at a very reasonable price. If you have any confusion about our products you can contact us.

Before start vaping, we think it's essential for you to get detailed information about vaping. So you can buy with complete confidence at our website without any hesitation. If you are still confused and have any questions in your mind, you can ask your query by contacting us.

The need to underestimate the efficacy of nicotine and choose an arc juice with a high PG to VG ratio means that you understand the basics of arc juice. It's now your choice which flavor you want to select. Everyone has their own choice.

If you are a beginner, we will recommend trying light flavor, so once you become used to vape juice, you can go for your favorite flavor. Lucky me I see ghosts hoodie

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