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Hangsen e-liquids are a bit more sophisticated than the rest, offering unbeatable quality and world-class level best selling flavors. Hangsen first started back in 2009, immediately taking the vaping world by storm with their exceptional products. This company started off well and continued to bring their products to customers around the globe by serving over eighty five different countries. Hangsen’s has a few home base locations including Europe, Asia and North America, therefore placing themselves in the perfect range to accommodate and meet the needs of their vaping customers. This company was the first to export e-liquids with a PG/VG base all around the world, making them a leader in the vaping industry. 

Hangsen has over 2000 employees worldwide and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Their products first gained popularity in Poland and South Africa, soon reaching across the globe to become a respected and sought after brand. By 2012 the UK operations expanded, forcing a Manchester office to open just for the purpose of facilitating the ongoing UK expansion. This enabled UK sales to grow while putting customer service and customer relations at the front of the importance list, ensuring an overall high quality experience. In 2016, Hangsen sold their 100,000,000th bottle of e-liquid; this launched them into the number one volume spotlight for all e-liquid brands.  

Hangsen has often been referred to as the Godfather of e-liquid since the company CEO, Jide Yao, created the first e-liquid recipe book that included a PG/VG base back in 2005. This special ground-breaking recipe has become the basis for the famous Hangsen e-liquid brand, not to mention it paved the way for the entire vaping industry to bring vaping customers what they really want today. The co-founder of Hangsen used his medical background to make a meaningful difference by improving the way people smoked by changing to e-cigarettes, which enabled people to enjoy their habit without many of the health implications that come with smoking. He spent 12 months and millions of pounds (or dollars) on research to ensure a safer choice for smokers. This prompted the PG/VG base which fundamentally changed the future of the e-cigarette design for many years to come. The PG stands for “propylene glycol” and VG stands for “vegetable glycerin”; these are the components that are combined in various ways using different levels of nicotine, which are suited to each vape user’s preference. After the first release of VG/PG, work was continued to fine-tune the production process while birthing the invention of delicious flavors that many people would love. 

Hangsens offers a wide comprehensive range of top shelf award winning flavors, ranging from the popular Menthol e-liquid (considered to be the most pure and enjoyable mint vape juice on the market) to the many fruity sweet flavors, as well as a coffee flavor that’s loved by many. For people who prefer a natural cigarette taste, Hangsen offers a tobacco flavor perfect for people who are making the switch to e-cigarettes from conventional cigarettes. There’s a little something for everyone from Hangsen e-liquid company.