Cereal Trip eliquid is a complex blend of cereal, dessert and fruit creating a rich and sweet vape through and through. The fruit cereal flavour on inhale creates a distinctive base note that's sweet and savoury, complemented by a warm glazed donut. Finally on exhale a sugary milk brings things to a close with a smooth note.

Each Cereal Trip ejuice comes in a 50ml shortfill bottle leaving you with 10ml of space to add your own nicotine booster shot. Featuring a 75% VG mix ratio it's ideal for sub ohm vaping and best suits a larger device capable higher wattage outputs.

Bad Drip Labs are based in New York, USA. Their range of premium American eliquids has been designed for a sweet vape - featuring fruit, candy and pastry flavours with a complex and layered taste.

Cereal Trip by Bad Drip Labs Eliquid is a Fruit and Cereal mix, along with Milk and finished with a Doughnut.

You will receive a 60ml bottle filled with 50ml nicotine free Cereal Trip eliquid. You also have the option to purchase it along with 1 x 10ml bottle of Nicotine. Mixing the Nicotine shot bottle into the 50ml eliquid will make your berry eliquid 3mg, negating the need to purchase the 10ml pre-mixed bottles.

Important Notice: Nicotine shots are not to be used on their own. Only to be mixed with the eliquid provided.

Cereal Trip vape eliquid 50ml nic shot edition by Bad Drip is a deliciousyour Daddy's favorite fruity cereal, slathered on top of a gooey frosted doughnut, drowning in a sugar-rich milk bath.

Cereal, Donut, Milk, Sugar


  • 50ml shortfill eliquid
  • Made in the USA
  • 0mg nicotine
  • Room for a 10ml nic shot
  • 75% VG sub ohm blend
  • Free drip towel
  • Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Not for use by anyone under 18 years of age

Cereal Trip from Bad Drip Labs is a Fruit and Cereal mix, along with Milk and finished with a Doughnut.

Cereal Trip by Bad Drip Laps is a phenomenal fruity cerealflavor with a special twist to it, with the addition of frosted donut flavor for a special hybrid treat dipped in a glass of ice cold milk. Bad Drip Labs - Cereal Trip Features: 60mL Glass Bottle. Dripper in Bottle.

Capture the gravity-defying feat of a cereal crazed haze gone terribly wrong. Enter into the realm of the unimaginable, the horrific, and the psychedelic imagery that persists inside each 60ml bottle. Peering out from the depths of a storm drain, we have a friendly looking bowl of colorful fruit pebbles, floating amidst a sugary creamy milk pool. As you reach for the bowl, it lingers just past your fingertips and seems to look more and more like a delicious frosted donut, sitting next to an ice-cold glass of milk.

Are you ready to take the plunge into the depths of the unknown and dare to taste this dessert eliquid madness? Enter if you dare, my adventurous cloud-chasers. Bad Drip Labs Cereal trip eliquid masterfully crafts delightful donuts and crunchy cereal together in one wickedly yummy flavor! Grab a bottle today and enjoy the memories of your favorite childhood cereal, ice cold milk, and gooey donut clouds for days with Bad Drip Labs Cereal Trip!


  • 10ml Glass Bottle
  • 80% VG
  • Made in USA
  • Available nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg
  • Eliquid Flavours: Cereal, Donuts, Milk / Milkshake, Sugar

This tantalising duo of fresh cereal and smooth warm creamy milk which produces a rich and satisfying milk cereal vape!

Deliciously rich with ,Milkycreme desert flavor. Taste are amazing Hot & Soft melting cream when exhale.

Monsta Vape is known for their extremely fruity combination of flavours along with their latest dessert range which is gaining a lot of popularity around the world!


  • Nicotine: 0mg
  • Size: 50ml (60ml bottle)
  • PG30/VG70
  • Flavour Profile: Milk, Cereal



"Slam" In goes the enchanting crunchy cereal, sprinkled with fruits from fairies. "Dunk" in a splash of delicious creamy milk from the pool of miracles.

Slam Dunk eliquid by Momo is a breakfast blend featuring creamy, fruity layers. A sweet cereal provides the base of the eliquid, with a rich milk and juicy mixed berries on exhale finishing things for a distinct vape.

Slam Dunk is available as a 50ml shortfill with space for a 10ml nicotine shot of your choice. For example, adding a 10ml 18mg nic shot to this 50ml shortfill will create 60ml of 3mg eliquid.

These eliquids have a 70% VG blend, ideal for large cloud creation without sacrificing flavour when used with a sub ohm tank or kit.

Momo are a UK manufacturer, known for their layered blends.


  • 50ml 0mg
  • PG20/VG80
  • Flavour Profile: Citrus, Cream, Cereal
  • Made in the UK

Cereal Milk by Milk King 100ML is one of those juices that is going to cause quite the stir in the vape game. With a flavor profile that will remind you of one of your favorite fruity cereals, this one is sure to have quite the impact in the industry. This is one that you will not want to miss out on.

The inhale hits you with the fruity cereal blast for the ages. It will remind you of those first couple bites of cereal before you really get down to the milk. This is one that will keep your mouth watering and your taste buds begging you for more.

Upon exhale you get to experience that smooth creamy goodness that we all thought was impossible to achieve. This is one that is going to set the bar for all other breakfast flavors.

It is one that you are not going to want to sleep on, don’t miss out on getting your bottle.

The throat hit is that perfect combination of smooth and satisfying that will have your palate thanking you everytime that you hit your vape. There is zero throat burn with this stuff but trust us when we say that is extremely satisfying.


  • Nicotine: 0mg
  • Size: 100ml (120ml bottle)
  • PG30/VG70
  • Flavour Profile: Cereal, Milk

Made in the USA



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