Paypal banned the sale of eliquids UK - Ebay Vape sellers and Websites effected !

Paypal banned the sale of eliquids UK - Ebay Vape sellers and Websites effected !

In an unexpected turn of events, the large online payments company PayPal has suddenly banned all vape-related payments with their updated new policy which was updated march 2020.

This means that many eBay vape product sellers and websites trying to withdraw funds have been locked out of their own PayPal accounts for up to 180 days.This unexpected turn has come without warning, meaning alot of vape businesses can no longer access their own cash. This is likely to be detrimental for small vape businesses who need access to this cash in order to stay afloat, especially right now in the middle of a global covid pandemic.

Customers are having difficulties making payments on ebay for there vape products as eBay New Managed payments is not unable to vape business are dependent on paypal to complete the sale. E commerce businesses  are struggling to find alternative tools quickly to manage their cash flow 

As a eliquidsoutlet customer, this means you can still pay for your transactions by card - this will not be affected. You simply won’t be able to checkout via PayPal for the foreseeable future.

The PayPal help centre has stated:

"PayPal generally prohibits transactions for all types of tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco due to legal requirements and industry regulations for online tobacco sales."

It’s fairly obvious that vape products are not tobacco-based or contain any tobacco. Thats the whole point of vaping after all isnt it ? E-liquids consist of vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavourings, and nicotine. A liquid combination that contains no trace of tobacco. The vast majority of e-liquids don’t even contain nicotine anymore since the new TPD laws were implemented stating that a e liquid bottle larger than 10ml must be can not contain nicotine ! 

So yes, it’s quite unclear why this change in policy has been dropped on us so suddenly.

The vape company FastTech stated:

“We're very sorry to inform you that PayPal officially revised the Acceptable Use Policy regarding e-cigarette related products, transactions involving most of the e-cigarette products will be prohibited from now.”

The vape company Zeus Juice stated:

“We heard from other businesses that something was happening, but no communication from PayPal”

It’s clear to see that many vape companies - including us at Eliquidsoutlet - have been affected by this sudden change. Many companies have also contacted PayPal for comment or explanation, but are yet to receive any response.

Nevertheless, this is a time for all of us to stand together and work through these difficulties. And, of course, the satisfaction of our eliquidsoutlet customers will continue to be at the forefront of our efforts.

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